Tombola December 2012

Tombola of December, 2012

  • To get your free entry in the event, you must be at least level 30 and have completed the mission The research of the biologist 1, or if you have taken part in the Tombola for seven days in a row. On the eighth day, the first entry that is shown in the row will be free for you.
  • You can can open additional entries for DM
  • You can buy 5 additional entries every day, if you buy them ahead for the next day, you get them a little bit cheaper
  • A new Tombola day starts at 04.00
  • You can only participate via the ingame itemshop
  • Each entrie guarantees a prize, a Lucky Token, or the prize of a day
  • Innovation this year: Blue entries Blueentrie.png will be randomly distributed and are a particularly special stroke of luck, as they bring you a three-fold advantage: behind them lies a Lucky Tocken, an instant win with a doubled chance of gaining the daily prize. Furthermore, you can collect them and then after a certain amount you can exchange them for a free spin on the Wheel of Destiny Blue entries wheel of destiny.png

Entry Prices

On the first image you see how much the slots cost today and on the second the price you have to pay when you buy them for tomorrow. Slotcosts1.png

After the first five slots, you can buy additional 4 slots. They cost 75 DM ; 85 DM ; 95 DM und 100 DM. Slotcosts3.png

Possible rewards


The prize of a day

Date Prize
30.11.2012 Background.pngDR Voucher (100).png DR Voucher (100)
01.12.2012 Background.pngDR Voucher (100).png DR Voucher (100)
02.12.2012 Background.pngRing of Deadly Power.png Ring of Lethal Power
03.12.2012 Background.pngRoyal Tiger Seal (white).png Royal Tiger Seal (white)
04.12.2012 Background.pngDR Voucher (500).png DR Voucher (500)
05.12.2012 Background.pngMagic Stone.png Magic Stone
06.12.2012 Background.pngDR Voucher (1000).png DR Voucher (1000)
07.12.2012 Background.pngRing of Will Power.png Ring of Will Power
08.12.2012 Background.pngRoyal Tiger Seal (white).png Royal Tiger Seal (white)
09.12.2012 Background.pngDR Voucher (500).png DR Voucher (500)
10.12.2012 Background.pngMagic Stone.png Magic Stone
Date Prize
11.12.2012 Background.pngDR Voucher (100).png DR Voucher (100)
12.12.2012 Background.pngRoyal Tiger Seal (white).png Royal Tiger Seal (white)
13.12.2012 Background.png22px Leonidas Seal
14.12.2012 Background.pngRing of Deadly Power.png Ring of Lethal Power
15.12.2012 Background.pngDR Voucher (1000).png DR Voucher (1000)
16.12.2012 Background.pngMagic Stone.png Magic Stone
17.12.2012 Background.pngDR Voucher (500).png DR Voucher (500)
18.12.2012 Background.pngRoyal Tiger Seal (white).png Royal Tiger Seal (white)
19.12.2012 Background.png22px Leonidas Seal
20.12.2012 Background.pngRing of Will Power.png Ring of Will Power
21.12.2012 Background.pngDR Voucher (100).png DR Voucher (100)
Date Prize
22.12.2012 Background.pngMagic Stone.png Magic Stone
23.12.2012 Background.pngRoyal Tiger Seal (white).png Royal Tiger Seal (white)
24.12.2012 Background.pngDR Voucher (500).png DR Voucher (500)
25.12.2012 Background.png22px Leonidas Seal
26.12.2012 Background.pngMagic Stone.png Magic Stone
27.12.2012 Background.pngDR Voucher (1000).png DR Voucher (1000)
28.12.2012 Background.pngRing of Deadly Power.png Ring of Lethal Power
29.12.2012 Background.pngMagic Stone.png Magic Stone
30.12.2012 Background.pngRoyal Tiger Seal (white).png Royal Tiger Seal (white)
31.12.2012 Background.png22px Leonidas Seal

The Lucky Tokens

Token: Lucky Token 15 Points.jpg Lucky Token 10 Points.jpg Lucky Token 7 Points.jpg Lucky Token 5 Points.jpg Lucky Token 3 Points.jpg Lucky Token 1 Points.jpg
Points: 15 10 7 5 3 1

When you have collected 3 tokens, you can redeem them for a prize or randomly get 3 new tokens for 5 DC. You can swich tokens for 5 DR as much as you wish

Points Reward
45 Background.pngMagic Stone.png Magic Stone
40-44 Background.png22px White Lion Seal
37-39 Background.pngSoul Stone.png Soul Stone
35-36 Background.pngBlood Pearl.png Blood Pearl
33-34 Background.pngBlue Pearl.png Blue Pearl
31-32 Background.pngWhite Pearl.png White Pearl
29-30 Background.pngStone Against Warrior.png Stone Against Warrior +4
27-28 Background.pngStone Against Ninja.png Stone Against Ninja +4
25-26 Background.pngStone Against Sura.png Stone Against Sura +4
23-24 Background.pngStone Against Shaman.png Stone Against Shaman +4
Points Reward
22 Background.pngStone of Defence.png Stone of Defence +4
21 Background.pngStone of Cooldown.png Stone of Cooldown +4
19-20 Background.pngFinger Bones.png Finger Bones
16-18 Background.pngTeleportation Ring.png Teleportation Ring
13-15 Background.pngMoon Elexir(XL).png Moon Elixir(E)
9-12 Background.pngSun Elexir(XL).png Sun Elixir(E)
7-8 Background.pngStone of Evasion.png Stone of Evasion +4
5-6 Background.pngMagic Seeds.png Magic Seeds
3-4 Background.pngQuartz Sand.png Quartz Sand

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