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About me
Name: Peter
Age: 27 years
Job: Junior networking PM & doctoral student (Optical fibres aging)
Hobbies: football, floorball, PC, programming, metin2, other game (different publisher), dog a other Smile.png
G-ID: 1193917

Personal motto

A person can be recognized by his/her friends as well as by his/her enemies...
and I'm proud of my enemies Laugh.png .

My egoistic window
  • As I said, 1000px is a future ( WikiCZ ) .
    But now I dont have a power, time and wanting to finish my vision Laugh.png .

  • The most frightening thing on the UK is that every second ingame player
    write at the first ".ro?"...Laugh.png
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Jabber: status
IRC: Sarevok.user.OnlineGamesNet
Wiki work

Some own work:


  • Nothing, I didn't find any inspiring/interesting thing.
  • Make only 1 small thing (maybe repair) per 7 days, no more.
    Spend my time with perspective people.
    This wiki can't be everytime better than fourth (behind m2 .de, .pl, .cz), it's really not possible, there is no potential.

My ranking of M2 Wikis (28.12.)

  1. DE, IT (animation, good width of body, good looking elements, similar design)
  2. PT, ES (good looking elements, similar design - navigation elements)
  3. PL (good width of body, really own design)
  4. AE (medium, but useful, specific menus and others...)
  5. FR, HU, NL (same design, but useful)
  6. GR (it looks destroyed... )

I missed CZ (not objective view) and UK (will be better; UK is growing, but others are growing faster... ) .


I play metin2 quite a long, so i know it from a various looks and forms. I have accs on CZ, US and Poland,
so I am not a beginner Smile.png .


I start a character on UK. People on server look good, but no many people on server. I feel after merging it will
be better.

Sol - UK (Chunjo)
Nick Spec. Lvl Description
Svarog Weaponery
82 Enchanted Blade-P.png Enchanted Armour-P.png Fear-P.png

Dispel-G.png G1

Dragon Swirl.png 13
Fear about 50 souls... (famous number 36 is fable)

CZ / PL / US

Past... CZ simply immoral (I want to forget); PL good experience, half-dead; US dead.