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14:07, 7 April 2013 (CEST) - Cleared site with chat


Hi, I have a request for you. Please try to make something else in your trading page then one category for every item... I don't know maybe user shop pages in category Feng-Du or something but 54 (in case I can count) categories? That's a lot. Quinn () 11:44, 14 April 2013 (CEST)

Hi, it's for long sophisticated answer / discussion and now I am going to trip to different city. So I am going to answer this night or tomorrow morning... --Sarevok (talk) 12:55, 14 April 2013 (CEST)

Hi, correctly it is 83 categories. And now some questions and answers.
My Offline Trading page (template) makes so many categories, how many items are in DataPages (Template:DataUpgradeItems and Template:DataUpgradeItems2), there are 83 items separated by delimeter “;”. User can make everything, but if it isnt in this DataPages, category wont be create. So everything its about admins (datapages can be locked), what will be supported and it needs really minimal knowledge about wiki. So number of this categories can be/will be controlled by admins.
And now question, is 54 or 83 categories a lot? And its only items, with books and with quest items and other, it can be about 400 categories for correct comfortable trading for one server. It 400 categories a lot for one server?
Categories work over MySQL database technology. Once (when i was student) i had project - open some data file (3 MB, content was 5.000.000 words) and my program had count unique word, rate and entrophy and sort it by rate. It took 9s on asus a6km, when i applied binary tree structure it took 0,5s... MySQL database technology is build on fast read and search datas, save I dont know.
So my answer is, for really unique page/project is 1.000.000 categories really nothing Laugh.png (really good project). Better question is - „Is this page so unique for this number of categories“ , this will be relative, everybody will say different thing. Offline trading throught wiki has better parameters then on phorum, because u can search special item on special server faster. Sometimes if i read this thing as 54 is many and so i want to see person what say it (anonymous request is funny thing) or see a pc/server (power) where is this wiki... Its only one technical answer what I acknowledge, this is - this wiki is bugged, so its the reason, for 54 its a lot.
I wont reduce my work (number of categories), because it isnt technically relevant thing and its not clever, will be less comfortable for everybody. This finall work, with reduce categories I wont sign, because its a mess. Better is delete it, you have my agreement for this action, if u must do it, do it... I back up my work till the time, when some people will be older...
I think early will be merging, after it, will be for everybody, not only for Feng-Du... If will be, idk 20 active users (sellers), 400 categories will be nothing. But everybody we will have diff opinions. Its normal in this democratic world. When people have everytime still the same opinions on the same thing, they must be politicians or idiots. And we dont have, so maybe it isnt so bad with us Laugh.png ...

--Sarevok (talk) 19:19, 14 April 2013 (CEST)

Not only the categories are excessive, the wiki is not meant to be used as private shop, the trading ground is the forum, where the trades are monitored under the forum rules by the forum team, the wiki is an information repository and not meant to be used for this kind of purpose, since you mentioned the work was backed up i have proceeded with the deletion of the content related to the offline trading.


Yes, you have right. Small correct - no use as private shop, but used as private shops (more persons...) . Trading throught my shop is more comfortable than trading on every phorum, because if you need for example Snakeskin.jpg , you only click on picture and you have list of every sellers who have this concrete item = no mess, fast comfortable searching, you cant read many sites and search in content if somebody have or dont have it. This is the main part of this application, second side is that you can fast define many items for selling to smaller space. But its only info, I dont argue with anybody about it. You make a lot of work for this wiki during last 1-2 month(s) and it looks that more than 85% of your work have some purpose. So I dont have problem with it... Only one question, my friend have a lot of work, could you delete this my files 1 and 2 (one template and one picture), now its a mess, thank you very much Laugh.png . --Sarevok (talk) 13:25, 15 April 2013 (CEST)

Files deleted as requested