Magic Stone

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Magic Stone

Magic Stone.png
Magic Stone.png
Magic Stone
A chunk of the legendary metal can increase your chances when upgrading an item. The upgraded item can then neither be destroyed nor downgraded.

This item can improve equipment. If not successful, the level of the equipment is not reduced!


This item is not used in quests.


Pumpkin Chest, Chest of Kings, Chest of the North, Demon Slayer's Chest, Desert Storm Chest, Easter Chest, Holiday Chest, Mysterious Chest, Whelp Box, Winter Children's Chest

Tradable Dropable Storable Stackable
NPC Trade Window Private Shop
No.pngNo No.pngNo No.pngNo No.pngNo Tick.png No.pngNo

  • This item will increase the chance of successful improvement.
  • If unsuccessful, the stone disappears, there will be no broken stone removed and the equipment remains on the same level.
  • Not to be confused with the Background.pngMagic Iron Ore.png Magic Iron Ore.

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