Wheel of Destiny

Wheel of Destiny Header.png

The Wheel of Destiny is an event in the in-game Item-Shop

In the center of the well is written Spin now. Clicking it will start the wheel, and on what item the arrow land, you recive it.

On every field is a prize, so you wont lose in any case.

On some cases, free spins are granted as a part of other ongoing event. Free spins have been prize at Tombola and Easter event 2012

How do I recive my prizes?

Prizes not bound to the account are stored in your Itemshop depot where you can trasnfer them to your inventory. Features that are bound to the account( e.g Third Hand and other helpful features ) are automaticaly activated on your next login.

Why are some fields marked red?

Fields marked red have very good items on them. If the arrow lands on what of them, then the Dragon God has really blessed you.

Possible items:

What are the prizes??

Level 1

Wheel of Destiny level 1

Spin costs 10 DC.

Level 2

Wheel of Destiny level 2

With 2 red fields, spin costs 20 DR

Christmas prizes :

Other events:

Level 3

Wheel of Destiny level 3

With 3 red slots, a spin costs 30 DR.

Small Wheel

Small Wheel

The small wheel is a permanent smaller version of wheel of destiny, unlike the wheel of destiny, it only has 1 level and the possible prizes are: