Easter Chest

Easter Chest

Easter Chest.png
Easter Chest
With a little luck, find a special Easter surprise: Baby Moa Sheldon! The chest opens immediately upon purchase and contains one random item. It will be placed in your item shop storeroom.

This item has no function.


This item is not used in quests.

  • Metins: -
  • Monsters: -
  • Boxes: -
  • Quests: -
  • Other: Item-Shop
Tradable Dropable Storable Stackable
NPC Trade Window Private Shop
No.pngNo No.pngNo No.pngNo No.pngNo No.pngNo No.pngNo

    • Available only during Easter Event
    • when you buy it, content will be directly delivered to your Item Shop storage
Content - Items
Content - Armours
Content - Weapons
No armours in this box
No weapons in this box
Content - Accessories
Content - Helms Shields
Content - Others
No accessories in this box
No helms or shields in this box
No other items in this box

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