Dark Dragons Update

Dark Dragons Update Header.png

After the beta testing, the content is now on the live servers (26/02/2013)
One of the biggest updates metin has ever had, featuring, new weapons, new armours, new accessories, new maps, new mobs, new metin stones, new ores, new bonus, activation of already existing bonus, new refinement system, dragon soul alchemy system and lots of new items to go with it all.
This is a summary of the new content to be updated as the content is added on the wiki

New Level Cap

New max level is now 105

Level Required EXP
104 2.310.000.000

New Weapons

New Armours

New Accessories

New Maps

New Mobs and Bosses

New Metin Stones

New Ores and veins

New Bonus

Wind Resistance Lightning Resistance Fire Resistance Dark Resistance Ice Resistance Earth Resistance Fire Resistance

New Refinement System

Dragon Soul Alchemy

New Items


Admiral Angmur.pngAdmiral_Angmur Rock Flower.pngRock Flower Jae-Seon Kim.pngJae-Seon Kim Confucius.pngConfucius Yak-Hwan.pngYak-Hwan Yon-I-Walker.pngYon-I-Walker Injured Soldier.pngInjuried Soldier Beggar.pngBeggar