Guide:Beginner guide

Guide:Beginner guide
Author: xXxPattexXx

Basic Knowledge

Here is little basic knowledge for the beginners:

The character window

The character window opens it either with one clicks on the first symbol with the head (on the right of down in the border) or simply with the key "C".
In the character window your character values are indicated: your character name, your guild, your points of status, your defense, attack, rate of motion u.s.w… If with the Leveln one of the balls, which are to be seen down in the border, made it full, you get one point of status it at will on your already existing points to set can.

The Inventory

The Inventory opens it with one clicks on the treasure chest at the right, lower edge of screen or with the key "i".
In the inventory you store your articles it with the Leveln gather or with another player act. In the inventory can you your play figure with articles of equipment equip. In addition must pull the respective article of equipment to it on the figure over the inventory. Besides in the inventory it is indicated how much Yang (that is the play currency) you have.

The talent window

The talent window opens it with the key "V".
In the talent window your talents and it are indicated respective stage. Iff it a level ascend since, receive you starting from level 5 one point, which it at will on your talent distribute can. If their luck have wraps around your talent of stage 16 on stage 17 on masters, if its pitch have only on talent stage 20. That is pure random thing. If now a talent on masters is (M), the talent symbol in the border becomes orange, and the talent looks also now differently. If a talent is now on masters, can you it no more with points of talent increase, but exclusive with talent books (FB' s), which to it from Metinstones receive or from other players buy. If the skill reaches Now M10 and you still read a pair of skill books, if she changes to Grand Master (G). Now she is stronger over again around something and changes her appearance again. Now you must raise them with soul stones to them G10 is. Then is on perfect master (P). Now you cannot raise them any more.

The Leveln (Level ascend)

There it gives to say not much. Around a stage to ascend must you animals/monsters kill. These give the so-called EXP. One needs to ascend per level a certain number of EXP around a level.

Articles improve

In order to thus improve your articles, weapons, arms and decoration, must to it to black smith.
Around an article to revalue must you the respective article from your inventory with the mouse on forge pull. Thereupon a window opens in is indicated, what needs it for improving your article. From the stages +0 to +4 their only Yang needs, thereafter however Yang and improvement articles e.g.: Bear close all, white bead or a black uniform. What improving brings? - The values of your things, attack, defense or other are thus increased.

The horses

The horses are very useful, since one is with them faster on the way and can in higher Leveln thereby also fight.
Around a horse to get one must into the Easy Ape Dungeon on Map2 is. There must you some apes kill. With something luck the apes drop then sometime horse medal. With this must you then to Stallbur. If their clicked, a window opens it, in this it "I want Ride" to select must. It demands you then on 20 Savage sheet contactors to kill. But it gives you 30 minutes time. If it these then killed must you back to it. Then it will manufacture a horse picture for you. The production takes approx. 24 hours & cost 100,000 Yang. The beginner horse must feed you with hay. Your horse calls it with right-clicks on the horse picture. This can also fail! Then it tries simply again & have patience, if it does not fold at first attempt. But you can do your horse call ability also with one Manual of horses timing increase.

More to the topic "The Horse" you find here

If your horse times dies needs it the respective ape herb for revival. Beginner horse = Herb of the light ape
Combat horse = Herb of the normal ape
Military horse = Herb of the heavy ape


A guild is the union of several players. One calls the guild founder Leader. Around a guild to step one must be invited by the guild. Around someone to invite however a special right is necessarily some Leader its Membern to only give must. With a guild one can make guild wars against other guilds.

Chat contraction

bb = Bye Bye
Afk = Away From Keyboard
Wb = Welcome Back
lol = Lought out Loud
Rofl = Roll over flor laughing
Thx = Thank You
Np = No Problem

Much used abbreviations for Items:
HM = HorseMedal