Shoulder Sash System

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  • The shoulder sash system was implemented in 10.03.2015
  • The Shoulder Sash is a piece of visible equipment as the armour and weapon.
  • The Shoulder Sash is equiped in costume system screen, wich opens with the costume system button on the players inventory Costume system button.png
  • Shoulder Sashes have no expiration time
  • Can be eqquiped from level 1
  • Only the sashes from "Custom" level can be traded, since 15.7 version (13/10/2015) Custom Sashes can be traded also on shops

How to get a Shoulder Sash

There are several types of Shoulder Sashes, the Lord Sash, the Master Sash, the Sovereign Sash and the Royal Sash, the difference between the 4 is simply the look and the origin.

Improving the Shoulder Sashes - Combining

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  • The shoulder sashes have 4 different grades of quality: basic, fine, noble and custom.
  • Sashes of the same grade of quality can be combined to craft a higher quality sash.
  • The refinement can fail, when it does, the bottom sash is destroyed, the top one is kept.
  • The combination screen is obtained from the dialog option "Combination" form Theowahdan
  • Add the sash you wish to upgrade to the top slot, add a second one to combine to the bottom slot
  • The sashes beeing used will be highlighted on inventory Highlighted sash.png
  • A custom sash can be improved by combining it with another custom sash, the im provement if successfull will increase the absorbtion rate from 1 to 5%

Bonus Absorption

Bonus absorption screen.png
  • You can use a sash to absorb the bonus from any weapon or armour
  • The armor or weapon used to be absorbed WILL BE DESTROYED
  • Basic sashes absorb 1% of the bonus from armour or weapon
  • Fine sashes absorb 5% of the bonus from armour or weapon
  • Noble sashes absorb 10% of the bonus from armour or weapon
  • Custom sashes absorb 11 to 25% of the bonus from armour or weapon (the % is set when the sash is made)
  • Place the Sash on the left slot, the weapon or armour on the right slot, and you can see the final result on the bottom
  • The process will transfer the % of both bonus and stats of the weapon/armour

Bonus Removal

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