Amulet of Eternal Love

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Amulet of Eternal Love

This Item is not used in Quests.


  • 1 pcs. - 99 DR


  • Metins: -
  • Monsters: -
  • Boxes: -
  • Quests: -
  • Other: Item-Shop


Amulet of Eternal Love - active.jpg

[[File:IS-Amulet of Eternal Love.png|]] Amulet of Eternal Love.png

A silver heart-shaped amulet, decorated with magic gemstones.

Story of the Item:

Legend has it that the Amulet of Eternal Love was forged by Cupid himself. To do so, he collected the tears of the bereaved. The tears of grief became liquid silver in his hands, which he shaped into a filigree heart. He turned the tears of wrath into sparkling gemstones. The power of this amulet protects its wearer from dark influences even when the god of love cannot protect him.


For 7 days bestows:

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