Devil's Catacomb


FlagNeutral.png Devil's Catacomb
The Devil's Catacomb was introduced first at 15.11.2011. It had until 07.09.2021 a total of 7 floors, but the old 4th floor has been removed. It was a maze with 6 different shapes and only one was correct. The Devil's Catacomb is a very famous ranking place and also the loot of Yang drop is high.

To be able to enter this dungeon, you must have finished the Demon Tower once. You also need a minumum level of 75. You can then talk to Catacomb Guard in Hwang Temple. From floor 3 upwards, all group members need a Background.pngBackground.pngShrunken Head.png Shrunken Head in their inventory.

To leave this map, you simply have to press "restart city" and you are back in Hwang Temple. However, there is a 30 minute cooldown before you can re-enter. You have a total of 1 hour to complete the run, starting from floor 2.

  • First floor
You have to bring Background.pngSoul Crystal Key.png Soul Crystal Key, which can be found from the monsters on that floor, to the which is located in the center of the map. When you do this, all players in your group will be teleported to floor 2.

  • Second floor
You must find your way to the middle. But Gate of Perdition are blocking your way. You must destroy them to pass. Once you are in the middle of the map, talk with and all players who have a Shrunken Head will be teleported to the third floor.

  • Third floor

You entered a map with 7 Metin of Retribution spawned across the map. Only one of them is real. Destroy one by one to find the real Metin.

  • Fourth floor
You have to find but he is hiding in one of the corners. When you kill him, he will drop a Background.pngGrimace Totem.png Grimace Totem. Bring this item to which is located in the center of the map.

  • Fifth floor
You must eliminate all monsters in that area. Watch out for the boss as his members will push you away.

  • Sixth floor
On the final floor your main objective is to kill . But the room is full of monsters who attack you automatically. When you have killed all monsters, you will be teleported short after.
Interactive Map
Floor 1

Devil's Catacomb 1.jpg
Floor 2
Devil's Catacomb 2.jpg
Floor 3
Devil's Catacomb 3.jpg
Floor 4
Devil's Catacomb 5.jpg
Floor 5
Devil's Catacomb 6.jpg
Floor 6
Devil's Catacomb 7.jpg

Ore Veins
No ore veins available on this map

Other Information
Monsters Distribution
Metins spawn areas
No image available for Monsters distribution. No image available for metin spawn areas.
Adjacent areas
Old Man
No adjacent areas to this map
You cannot reach this area via the Old Man
You cannot reach this area via the Teleporter