How to Fish

In order to fish, you need character, level 30, a Fishing Rod from the Fisherman and you also need bait, Worm or Paste.
When you are next to water, equip the fishing rod, use the chosen bait (right click on it in inventory), you will see the message "You attached Worm/Paste to the hook as bait", then press space and the character will start fishing.
A window will appear

  • The goal is to click the fish 3 times, while the fish is inside the circle
  • The yellow bar on the bottom is the time available
  • Failing to click the fish reduces the available time
  • Successfull click will show "Hit"
  • Failed click will show "Miss"
  • If you succeed 3 clicks you might or might not succeed in catching the fish

Fishing Rod

Fishing Rod, you can buy it from Fisherman for 5.000 Yang, and you can use it from the level 30.

When purchased, the rod is +1 with 0/10 fishing points.

While fishing, whether you catch a fish or not, it may happen that the number of fishing points will increase.

Once the point limit has been reached for your current rod level, you have to go to Fisherman to try to improve it.

If improvement does not succeed, the rod will not be destroyed, but its quality will drop a level, as it does when the improvement of an object with a Blessing Scroll fails.

Alternatively you can use Carbon Fibre Fishing Rod

Carbon Fibre Fishing Rod.png
Fishing Rod.png
Fishing Rod Level Points
Chance for
Chance for
next point
Fishing Rod.png
1 10 100% 20%
2 20 88% 10%
3 40 77% 5%
4 80 66% 2.5%
5 120 55% 1.6%
6 140 44% 1.43%
7 160 33% 1.25%
8 180 33% 1.11%
9 200 33% 1%
10 220 33% 0.91%
11 240 33% 0.83%
12 260 33% 0.77%
13 280 33% 0.71%
14 300 33% 0.66%
15 320 33% 0.63%
16 340 33% 0.59%
17 360 33% 0.56%
18 380 33% 0.53%
19 400 33% 0.5%
20 / / /

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You need to use bait to be able to fish.

Bait Item name Origin
Worm Fisherman
Paste Fisherman
Small fish.jpg Minnow Fishing

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When one clicks with the right mouse button on the fish in the inventory, different things can happen:

  1. The fish dies and the dead fish remains in the inventory
  2. The fish disappears in the deep water (can happen everywhere also in the desert)
  3. One receives Fishbones
  4. One receives a Clam
  5. One receives an Worm

You can cook dead and alive fish over Campfire (Can be bought from Fisherman for 20.000 Yang). Cooked fish provide various bonuses when used.

Image Item Info
Goldfish living.jpgGoldfish dead.jpgGoldfish grilled.jpg Gold Fish Grilled: 50% EXP bonus for 30 minutes
Aal living.jpgAal dead.jpgAal grilled.jpg Eel Grilled: +10 strength for 10 minutes
Ayu living.jpgAyu dead.jpgAyu grilled.jpg Ayu Grilled: 10% EXP bonus for 30 minutes
Brookforell living.jpgBrookforell dead.jpgBrookforell grilled.jpg Brook Trout Grilled: Restores 600 HP
Barsch living.jpgBarsch dead.jpgBarsch grilled.jpg Perch Grilled: Removes all negative effects (assumption: all negative charms waived)
Riverforell living.jpgRiverforell dead.jpgRiverforell grilled.jpg River Trout Grilled: Restores 230 SP immediately.
Grasscarp living.jpgGrasscarp dead.jpgGrasscarp grilled.jpg Grass Carp Grilled: Increases attack speed +20 for 10 minutes
Large zander living.jpgLarge zander dead.jpgLarge zander grilled.jpg Large Zander Grilled: Restores 350 HP
Carp living.jpgCarp dead.jpgCarp grilled.jpg Carp Grilled: Increases moving speed +20 for 10 minutes
Catsfish living.jpgCatsfish dead.jpgCatsfish grilled.jpg Cat Fish Grilled:Restores 500 SP immediately
Salmon living.jpgSalmon dead.jpgSalmon grilled.jpg Salmon Grilled: Restores 350 SP
Lotusfish living.jpgLotusfish dead.jpgLotusfish grilled.jpg Lotus Fish Grilled:Restores 500 HP immediately
Mandarinfish living.jpgMandarinfish dead.jpgMandarinfish grilled.jpg Mandarin Fish Grilled:Restores 180 SP
Rainbowforell living.jpgRainbowforell dead.jpgRainbowforell grilled.jpg Rainbow Trout Grilled:Restores 600 SP
Redfeather living.jpgRedfeather dead.jpgRedfeather grilled.jpg Rudd Grilled:Increases spell speed +10 for 10 Minutes
Shiri living.jpgShiri dead.jpgShiri grilled.jpg Shiri Grilled: + 3% magic / melee attack for 10 minutes
Mirrorcarp living.jpgMirrorcarp dead.jpgMirrorcarp grilled.jpg Mirror Carp Grilled: immediately restores 1,000 TP
Stint living.jpgStint dead.jpgStint grilled.jpg Smelt Grilled: +5% Strong against monsters for 10 minutes
Tenchi living.jpgTenchi dead.jpgTenchi grilled.jpg Tenchi Grilled:Restores 230 HP immediately
Zander living.jpgZander dead.jpgZander grilled.jpg Zander Grilled:Restores 180 HP

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Hair can be colored every 3 levels, however you can use bleach to revert to original hair color and dye hair instantly.

Image Item Info
Bleachmeans.jpg Bleach Your original hair color returns. Bleached hair can be colored.
Blond haircoloringmeans.jpg Blonde Hair Dye Colors your hair blonde.
Brown haircoloringmeans.jpg Brown Hair Dye Colors your hair brown.
RedHairDye.jpg Red Hair Dye Colors your hair red.
Black haircoloringmeans.jpg Black Hair Dye Colors your hair black.
White haircoloringmeans.jpg White Hair Dye Colors your hair white.

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CLam and pearls

The Pearls can be found by opening clams.

Image Item Info
Clam.jpg Clam A shell with a beautiful bowl. It can contain a bead.
Obtained by opening fish. It can contain: White, blue , red pearl as well as a piece of stone or it can be empty.
Blue Pearl.jpg Blue Pearl A splendourful blue pearl. Used in upgrading items.
Blood Pearl.jpg Blood Pearl A bloodred pearl. Used in upgrading items.
White Pearl.jpg White Pearl A snow-white Pearl. Used in upgrading items.
(comes from clams - not to confound with from the pearls obtained from furnace in the guild)

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Image Item Info
Fishbones.jpg Fishbones Obtained from "opening" fish. Used as Upgrade Items
Refugee cape.jpg Fugitive's Cape A cape is carried by many volatile ones. If it is in your equipment, it hides your rank. (Duration: 4 hours)
Can be sold to NPC for: 10,000 Yang
Goldring.jpg Gold Ring A simple gold ring. It can be sold in the shop at a high price.
Can be sold to NPC for: 10,000 Yang
Sage King Glove.jpg Sage King's Glove An inherited article of the old king family, to which the ruler a mysterious Kraft lends. If put on, you get twice as much points of rank during the leveling, as normal. (Duration: 4 hours)
Can be sold to NPC for: 10,000 Yang
Lucys ring.jpg Lucys Ring On the ring stands written: "The Dragon God blesses you". It prevents the droppen of articles, if your rank is negative. (You lose maximally the ring.) (Duration: 4 hours)
Can be sold to NPC for: 10,000 Yang
Symbol wise emperors.jpg Sage King's Symbol An inherited symbol of the old king family, which to the ruler large Kraft lend. If put on, you get twice as much points of rank during the leveling, as normal. (Duration: 4 hours)
Can be sold to NPC for: 10,000 Yang
Kelpie Key.png
Kelpie Key /

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