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Skills are special abilities of the character. At level 5 you can choose your apprenticeship (i.e.: {Warrior}-Body-Force or Mental-Fight, {Ninja}-Blade-Fight or Archery, {Sura}-Weaponry or Black Magic, {Shaman}-Dragon Force or Healing Force ) and receives 1 skill point per level climbed. At level 5, one receives four skill points. These skill points can be distributed to his/her skills. Once you have allocated at least one point on a skill, you can drag it to the shortcut bar at the bottom of the screen, and then call with the keys 1-4 and F1-F4. Or you can click the right mouse button on the skill.

Some skills can put one on the left or right mouse button.

The skills cost when using mana points(SP), depending on skill and skill level, more or less magic points. After using the skills,the skills load up again, the loading time is different. The higher the skill level, the higher the effect of the skill. One can also improve the impact with the use of certain items and bonuses.

You can read all the skill books in the parallel 24-hour clock.

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Skill Levels

There are 4 Skill Levels

  • Normal (Level 1 - 20)
  • Master (Level M1 - M10)
  • Grand Master (Level G1 - G10)
  • Perfect Master (Level P)

The Level Normal is increased by the points gained in each Lvl Up. Once the skill reaches Level 16, there is a certain probability that the skill masters into Master. If it doesn't turn Master you can read Oblivion Books for a specific skill or put more points to try again.

More than 17 points on a skill is considered one of the worst mistakes you can make for the development of your character in Metin2 because there is no way to recover the lost skill points back as soon as the skill turns Master. (You can only recover you skill points when you are Lvl 30 or less using the Old Lady).

One should never put more than one point on a skill that is not to be the next master. The jump to a mastered skill increases significantly and in addition you can enhance the master, regardless of skill points but by reading skill books (see below). It should always reach the goal of having the next master fast as possible. It should Master one skill at a time. It can share one skill point amongst the other skills, just not more; only do so if one is mastering that skill.

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If the skill doesn’t Master at 17

Although one can not influence the chance, but you can try again. There are 3 options:

  • The Old Lady (only possible up to Level 30)
    To do this you go to the old lady and choose Skill Reset. It will cost "somewhat" Yang (depends on your level, the lower the level you are the cheaper). All skills will reset back to zero and one will have the option of choosing between the two selections given for the class of choice.
  • Book of Forgetfulness
    There are books [name the skill] Band of oblivion, with this you can delete a skill point of that skill, and can distribute it again. Normally used for those whom are levels 31 and above. You can use the book but only if the skill is not yet mastered.
  • Skill Reset Document(Item-Shop)
    This item can only be purchased through the item shop for dragon coins. It will reset the skill points of a selected skill. You will lose the points that you gained through books and will get 17 points back regardless of whether you used more points for one particular skill.

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If the masters worked / Skill stages

Skill Book

If you have mastered a skill, you will need skill books from then on (shortly called SB) of the respective skill. You can even read a book in about 24 hours per skill, which costs 20,000 EXP.

If you read a skill book (right click on the book), three things can happen

  • You can not read it because you either do not have the skill to master, has less than 20k exp, or the last read less than about 22-26h is back. You get several messages that indicate then when the next can be read SB. The essence is that the book does not disappear.
  • The reading of the book fails, the book disappears. Then you get the message:
That did not work, Damn!
Training failed. Please try again later.
  • The reading of the book goes well, the book disappears.
  • You have successfully finished your training with the book
You understood a part of this technology but you still lack some knowledge.
You have to read 3 more Skill books to read to improve your skill.
You have to work really hard to understand this technology.
You have to read 2 more skill books to improve this skill.
You understood some of the technology, but it is still something missing.
You have to read 1 more skill to read books to improve this skill.
  • From M1 to M2, or after the last message (with the 1 in it) leads to the successful read that the masters level increases by one. You get the message:
You have successfully finished your training with the book.

However, the reading of the craft books rarely works (now we know that the success rate is about 30%).

The number of required technical steps depends on the preceding master level. To come from M1 to M2, you need a successful book. From M2 to M3 two books, M3 to M4 three books and so on.

So it's a long way to master the skill. From Master to Grand Master, the skill only to change from M10 G1. To get a grandmaster, you have 1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 = 55 books to read successfully. In the case of a success rate of 30% it is a statistical average of 183 books.

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Type of Skill Books

There are two types of skill books, one that is dropped from Metins and one that you can get from Gold Box +. The one that you get from the Gold Box + is named a Manual and promises a higher success rate than a normal Skill Book.

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Soul Stones [G → P]

To Improve Grand Master Skills you need Soul Stone: Soul stone.jpg

The use of Soul Stones costs 1000 rank points (Base).

To upgrade from G1 to G2 it will cost you 1000 rank points. Each upgrade has an additional cost of +500 rank points. So from G2 to G3 it will cost you 1500 rank points. From G3 to G4 it will be 2000 rank points, etc.

If you have a negative rank it will cost you twice as much rank points. If by reading a soul stone you go from being positively ranked to negatively ranked, you will be asked to fill in the word "train" before you confirm.

The maximum level is G10. Then comes the Perfect Master (P) which cannot be further improved.

Soul stones can fail too. There is an estimated success rate of 30%.

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The Skills

To the Skills

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